Tetka Rhu

Lady Picasso Tetka Rhu, YOUR Artist of Creation, Qld, Australia


Tetka Rhu’s vision for Art to be an effective vehicle to bring change into Corporate Business, Entrepreneurial pursuits and individual environments stems from her vast experience of life through the practical application of her personal deep study of metaphysical sciences.

1. 30years studying and training the Art of Karate-Do Metaphysical Sciences
2. 6years Banking Industry
3. 10years Jewelry Manufacturer
4. 20years Motivational Educator/Facilitator/Advisor/Speak
5. 10years Real Estate Sales Person
6. 2years online Radio Personality/Host and Interviewer-Do.

Tetka Rhu has created programs through Metaphysical Sciences to empower people through changing DNA in the cellular structure. These programs evolved through the flow of form and structure found within Karate-Do.
Way of the Sacred Spirit – Awaken Your Power and Excalibur –Your Sword of Wealth

Tetka Rhu is effective in bringing change into Peoples’ lives through Art as a result of her gifts and talents to explore variables to manifest for Corporate Business, Entrepreneurs and Individual goals and targets into being.
Investment ART – Collectors No. Investment Certificate Authenticated Original Works of Art

• Collectors Original Works of Art
• Original Works of Art for Attraction Marketing
• Commissioned Original Works of Art
• Original Works of Art for Individual Healing and Personal Growth

“Art has the power to effect Change: Business has the power to bring that change into being”

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